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ACGA Immersion Weekend, 2010 - Gàidhlig

About ACGA Immersion Weekend, 2010

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An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) presents its 14th Annual Scottish Gaelic Immersion Weekend, held for the fourth time in Colorado and the second time in Colorado Springs, from Thursday June 3 – Sunday June 6, 2010.

"This event will feature some of the best Scottish Gaelic instructors from Cape Breton and the United States. The immersion weekend is a unique opportunity for learners of Scottish Gaelic to come together with more advanced and native speakers in both a classroom setting and informal gatherings. Whether you are a new learner with no experience or an advanced speaker, the immersion weekend will provide opportunities to speak Gaelic in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

Instructors this year include Donnie MacDonald, Mòrag Burke and Caroline Root.

More info: http://www.acgamerica.org/events-1/immersion-weekend/copy_of_2009-immersion-weekend-colorado-springs-co
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